Are you in downtown Cancun and want to know how to get to Playa del Carmen? Then stay here, because right now we will explain you all the possible ways you can get from downtown Cancun (or in the best case from your hotel) to Playa del Carmen.

Downtown Cancun as such is not very big, in fact it is a small place. But its importance lies in being the crossroads of the main avenues of the city and from which you can get to the exit of Cancun.

But not just any exit, more specifically the exit from Cancun to Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and other places.

Although as such, we are not going to talk about how to get to other places, we will only talk about how to get to Playa del Carmen. Shall we start?

How to get to Playa del Carmen from downtown Cancun

The private transfer service, the cab, the ADO bus, the collective transportation from Playa Express and of course, the car rental are the 5 options we have and we will tell you about them right now.

Private transportation

This option is the best in terms of privacy, punctuality, security and of course, the relation between quality and price is excellent. This service being private you can have it pick you up anywhere in Cancun and not necessarily in downtown.

In a few words, you can be staying in an urban area, downtown or even in the hotel zone and book your private transfer requesting to be “picked up” anywhere in the city.

And of course, being private, they will take you to wherever you need to go in Playa del Carmen. Finally, it is worth noting that this service is not very necessary to go to Playa del Carmen from downtown, as there are more options that help us to save money.

However, if the price does not matter to you and you like quality, service and pamper yourself as you deserve, BOOK YOUR TRANSFER RIGHT NOW FROM HERE.